Lab Members

Joon-Young Moon
Ph.D, Young Scientist Fellow, Principal Investigator

Hyoungkyu Kim
Ph.D, Research Fellow

Eunhee Jee
Ph.D, Research Fellow

Younghwa Cha
Master, Researcher

Yeji Lee
Master, Researcher

Yukyung Kim
Master, Researcher

Sunhyun Min
Master’s Student

Minseo Cho
Undergraduate Student, Intern


Jaehyung Woo
Ph.D Candidate, Dartmouth College

Hyewon Kang
Ph.D Candidate, Sungkyunkwan University

Seonho Nam
Ph.D, Hanyang University

Haesung Lee
Ph.D. Candidate, Sungkyunkwan University

Alumni and Previous Mentees

Jaehyung Woo, mentee (2019-2020)
Now: Graduate student, Dept. of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College

Joseph Lee, mentee (2016-2017)
Now: MD, Resident, Internal Medicine, University of Hawaii

Junhyeok Kim, mentee (2016-2018)
Now: Ph.D, Staff Engineer, Samsung Electronics